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Rossana Pinero works on a variety of mediums that range in scale and medium: drawings, oil paintings, photographs,  and installations. She uses both the abstraction and figuration in her visual investigations, and her works at once sensuous and spiritual, reflect upon her cross-cultural experiences. Several of the works featured have been part of exhibitions at Galleries and Museums in the Italy, the US, Mexico and France in recent years. 


Pinero’s works draws upon her life experience on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. She lives her art as a personal and universal journey and a fusion between two worlds, not only between continents but also between the awaken and the dream-like stages, between the conscious and unconscious, between memory and the everyday experience. Her paintings and mixed media works are composed of countless layers of natural pigments, ink, oil, tempera, canvas, metal and paper; often embedded with dreamlike symbols, grids and constellations. Whether she’s painting, drawing, incorporating earth from Tuscany in her mixed media pieces or drawing from an ancient site or from anthropological motifs she remembers, her works are deeply autobiographical in nature.

Central to her process are the preliminary memory exercises that she records in her sketches, the processing of this dream-like automatism, the initial gestural drawing created with loose paint, telling a story that will be hidden and revealed at different levels, words and images created are laid down in wet paint and dragged or scrapped away during the drying process, repeating the process of  adding and taking away in several layers until a completion of the work is perceived. “I use additive and subtractive methods as metaphor for our existence,  I believe that these two perceptions of the being, are imagery of the soul and its’ attachments but not the real truth in life. We are who we are not in terms of own interiority, that ever changing but continuous flow. In my works I seek to express this layered continuity of experience.” 


In her recent series, ‘Cosmographies’ she is inspired by philosophical ideas related to existence. Beyond the personal, her works breakthrough the specificity of culture, ancestry and nationality, creating works characterized by a universal resonance, calling to mind aerial views of the earth and the sea, ancient sites and constellations.

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